Genetic Testing
Unlike traditional methods of drug discovery, Mindwell Genetic Testing utilizes your own DNA to identify which medications may be best for you. This means no more trial and error or wondering if a medication will work - just answers based on your unique profile. You can also get recommendations about any potential interactions between different types of medications, which will most likely cause an adverse reaction, and which medications may metabolized quicker or slower by your body. Your doctor will review the results with you to determine a roadmap primed from your genetic profile.

Medication Influence

DNA testing for psychiatric medication has been used to identify those at risk of developing serious or life-threatening adverse drug events with certain medications. This is accomplished by analyzing the DNA in your cells, which can tell you how responsive someone might be towards a specific medicine and whether they respond differently than others do.

Adverse Drug Reactions

Physician noting down symptoms of a Adverse Drug Reactions  are a concern for patients and providers. These events can range from nausea, fatigue, to weight gain or even into extreme instances of muscle pain or seizures which could result in death. 

Tailored Treatments

Genetic Testing

PGx provides a personalized approach to treatment that takes into account your genetic make-up, which enhances its effectiveness and reduces potential adverse side effects. Use this technology for an effective solution tailored specifically towards you.

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PGX Mental Health Genetic Testing (Home Swab Kit)

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