Frequently Asked Questions

At this time all services are paid by card only, you may use your insurance for medications at the pharmacy or utilize a coupon website such as for prescription discounts up to 80%.

The intake for an evaluation for medication management is $179.99 and each follow up or refill is $99.99. Therapy intake is $119.99 and $79.99 per follow up hour session.

Intakes for new clients seeking dual services including medication management and therapy is $249.99.

Once your first appointment is booked your login will be your email under “existing client”. Each login will be an instant sign on link sent to your email to access. In the patient portal you can request an appointment, message your provider or office assistant, pay invoices, and access forms such as intake documents and refill questionnaires. Patient Portal Booking Link
Diagnosis and treatment for: ADHD, various forms of anxiety disorders, binge eating disorder, depression, PTSD, PMDD, insomnia, alcoholism, and others. Due to limitations of telemedicine patients with history of psychosis, recent suicide attempt or suicidal thoughts in the past 6 months, thought disorders, bipolar type 1, and forms of dementia are excluded.
Controlled medications are limited to a 30 day supply, you may request a new refill 23 days after your last prescription and also requires completion of a refill questionnaire located in your patient portal. You may go up to 90 days without a follow up appointment via this method for control substances. All other medications can be given in 90 day increments if stabilized for over 3 months.
Select “pharmacy change” in the booking portal under your provider’s name. A form will be sent to your portal for you to provide an alternative pharmacy address. Most requests will be processed same day, latest by next business day. You can also sign up for medication delivery with RX Outreach or Deliverxd Pharmacy – click and call for availability and pricing.
Typically medication adjustments require a follow up appointment for assessment and education purposes. Trials are usually 3-4 weeks long.
Medications will be electronically sent to the pharmacy of your preference or next-day home delivery, no hard copies are needed.
In most cases, patients who are currently stabilized on their medications can have their scripts transferred to this service.

Clients have access to a secure messaging portal for questions, responses will be sent back within next working business day. Follow ups and refills may be requested via the portal.

You may also text the HIPAA compliant line at 877-769-5206


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