Tips On Managing Anger.

           Anger is a powerful emotion. It can help us stand up for ourselves and fight back against people who have hurt us. But it can also cause problems in our relationships, at work, and even with ourselves. If you find yourself getting angry too often or too easily, there are some things you can do to get a handle on your emotions for managing anger:

Verbalize the problem

        We’ve all been there before – you’re minding your own business, when suddenly someone else comes along and starts getting angry with you for no reason. It’s frustrating, and it can be tempting to just lash out in return. However, that’s not going to solve anything. Instead, try this three-step approach to diffusing the situation.

         First, explain the problem to the other person. They may not realize that they’re being angry, and simply explaining the situation may be enough to get them to calm down. Second, ask for their help. If they’re willing to cooperate, then you can work together to resolve the issue. However, if they’re not interested in cooperating, then you’ll need to ask them to leave. Finally, if they still won’t leave, then you’ll need to tell them in a polite way that you’d like them to stop being angry with you. Then wait for a response from them – they may not get it right away, but hopefully they’ll eventually come around.

Take a deep breath

         When you’re angry, your body’s natural response is to breathe quickly and shallowly. This can lead to hyperventilation, which in turn increases your heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. When you’re feeling this way it’s important to concentrate on slowing down your breathing so that you can calm down and think more clearly.

To do this:

  • Take a deep breath in through the nose as far as possible (pretend there’s an object blocking your throat)

  • Hold the breath for two seconds

  • Exhale slowly through pursed lips until all of the air has been let out

Count to ten

          Next time you find yourself in the heat of the moment, try counting to ten before doing or saying anything. It’s a tried and true method for gaining a little perspective. It might not seem like it would make much difference, but trust us, it can be a game changer. Counting gives you time to think about the situation and what you’re really angry about. It also allows you to consider how you want to act in that moment. Do you want to respond in anger or be the bigger person? The choice is yours. So, the next time someone cuts you off in traffic or your boss asks you to stay late again, take a deep breath and count to ten before reacting. You’ll be glad you did.

Don't hold a grudge

        Everyone makes mistakes. It’s a natural part of life. What’s important is how you handle those mistakes. You can’t change the past, but you can learn from it and move on. resentment will only eat away at you and prevent you from living your best life. Forgiveness is key! It’s a way to let go of anger and bitterness and make peace with yourself. It’s a gift you give yourself that can free you from the pain of the past and open up new possibilities for the future. So don’t dwell on your mistakes, learn from them and forgive yourself. Then you can really start living!

Avoid sarcasm and insults.

         Sarcasm is often viewed as a clever way to make a point. However, it’s important to remember that sarcasm is a form of aggression. While it may not be intended to hurt, it can often cause more harm than good. When someone is angry, they may use sarcasm as a way to disguise their true feelings. This can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. If you find yourself getting angry, try to avoid using sarcasm or insults. Instead, take a deep breath and express your feelings in a more positive way.

Discuss the problem before turning to resentment.

         Anger is a normal reaction when we feel threatened or disrespected. But sometimes our anger can get out of control, making us say things that are hurtful and damaging – not only for ourselves but also for those around us. It happens to everyone now and then: no one is perfect! But if your anger turns into a habit or if it affects your relationships with friends or family members (such as by shouting at them), then there may be some underlying issues that need addressing.

        For example, feeling like you’re always being taken advantage of by others could be an indication that there’s something wrong with your self-esteem; whereas feeling like people always take advantage of others might suggest that they’re more likely than not likely victims themselves who have been abused in childhood and thus lack confidence in themselves as adults. There are many possible causes–and solutions–for anger management issues; so don’t beat yourself up over them too much (pun intended).

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