Top Affordable Self-Care Tips

We all know that taking care of yourself is important, but it can be hard to know what exactly self-care looks like, especially when we can’t even get restful sleep. What do you need? What are the different types? How often should we practice self-care? This blog post will answer these questions and more so that you can make sure to take care of yourself as much as possible.

Self-care is about making the time to do what you love and take care of yourself. I’ll never turn down a spa retreat or holiday in Italy… but there are many ways that self-care can be done inexpensively.

Self-Care isn’t complicated and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Not that I’d say no to a fancy spa retreat, or even going on vacation at all…but they aren’t necessities when it comes right down to things like self-compassion for oneself – which really should always come first!

Many of us may think that self-care was something you weren’t able to do unless it felt right or you could do when you are not bust, especially for American society. But in reality, the only way we are going to be able achieve a healthy balance is if we start scheduling our sojourns into relaxation and rejuvenation just like any other activities on our schedule of commitments.

On a Sunday evening, book out one hour (everybody can do 1 hour every week) of self-care time. Put it in your calendar and stick to it as you would for any work commitment! If you have kids or significant others that might need attention during this time slot, let them know ahead of the fact so they don’t feel neglected (*cough* social media). Trust me; doing this will be good for *you*.

Top Affordable Self-Care Tips


A bath is typically a relaxing experience, so why not make it even better by adding some posh add-ins. Grab yourself your favorite bubble bath substance and glass of wine or Twirl. Relax in the warm water with these simple luxuries for 30 minutes while you escape from life’s stresses! Read a magazine or watch an episode of something online. Your life is boring and needs more excitement! Treat yourself to some entertainment by reading the latest issue of Vogue Magazine on your phone; it doesn’t cost much but will make you feel like royalty for at least one minute.

Create your own spa day!

 Light a candle, light some incense or aromatherapy oils and enjoy an hour to yourself.  Relax in the bath with bubbles for 10 minutes before washing off – just some self-care tips! Get out of the tub and dry off then put on something comfortable like PJs (or nothing at all). Go into another room – maybe even one that you haven’t been in since last spring break when it was still warm outside – if possible so close any doors to other rooms as well. Put on some music, dim lights down low while lighting candles around said area such sit back relax listen feel great!


When you’re tired of the daily grind, it can be such a relief to get away from everyone and everything. When there is no one around but your thoughts for company? You feel like nothing in this world will ever touch you again. In order to find that peace, we need an escape where only our books or favorite CD-s are present with us – so what better way than reading! Reading has been proven time and time again as more important than any other type of “empty activity” because being able to properly focus on something (even if it is just fictional) helps give proper perspective about life itself. More self care tips below!

Cooking & podcasts

Listening to a pod cast is good for you and when you’re cooking. Studies have shown that people who listen to podcasts are more attentive than those who don’t, but what if the podcast was about baking? Baking while listening to an engaging podcast can be therapeutic in many ways. People with depression may enjoy boosting their mood by hearing someone else’s success story or discovering life tips from experts on topics such as sleep hygiene or meditation techniques. Listening also has physical benefits – studies show listeners tend not only make better food choices when they’re busy talking into it, but they’ll spend less time watching TV too! 

Take a walk

A walk through the town with your favorite playlist on is a great way to take care of both you and your mind. Relaxing tunes will calm down tight muscles, lower stress levels, and make time fly by like seconds!


One of the most difficult things to do is be mindful, but it can open your eyes and provide you with a new perspective. You may never have considered mindfulness before, or maybe thought that it was too hard or pointless because they had no time for these self-care tips – after all we are constantly running from one place to another! But taking some moments out of every day will really help clear up any stress in life. Maybe try doing this at work during lunch break- don’t forget about aromatherapy!

Mindfulness isn’t for everyone, but if given time someone might find they actually benefit more than expected. There’s no harm in trying out mindfulness though, right? Aromatics have been shown to help with relaxation which makes them perfect companions when practicing meditation- so next time you’re looking for some calming inspiration why not consider an aromatic oil that will really get those Zen vibes flowing.

Be creative

Creativity is important in all stages of life – even when we’re adults. Tired? Stressed out from work or school? Why not use that same creativity and do something creative for yourself, like painting a picture, sewing some clothes (or making them), writing poetry, or whatever else you can think to make your day better because #YOLO!

Restful sleep

Sleep is essential for human life. Whether your mood, health or productivity are suffering- a good night’s sleep might just be the answer you’re looking for to help settle things down!

Restful sleep: The new cure?

A pet’s love

Animal love is pure. It’s so great to spend time with an animal, especially if that pet can give you cuddles and make your heart soar as it emits endorphins in response to being touched by a human. My dog, Tucker was the perfect example of this when he gave me unconditional attention after I left work one day just because we were having fun together!

Pets are amazing for health reasons too – they release natural substances in our brains called neurotransmitters which help us feel happy and calm down from stress or anxiety caused by everyday life problems. These same chemicals also lower blood pressure levels making them excellent therapeutic companions on long trips away from home where pets may not be allowed due their own safety concerns outside territories familiar territory.

The old saying is true, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Give yourself the gift of self-care and get some restful sleep, take a moment to meditate or just give your brain a break with some mindless TV so it can recharge for tomorrow’s challenges. Don’t forget that even though we are all our own worst critics, there will always be someone out there who loves us unconditionally – including ourselves! Be sure to follow these self-care tips! Stop by New Age Psychiatry today and book an appointment with one of our psychiatrists to discuss how they can help create more balance in your life through medication management if necessary or therapy sessions as needed. We would love to speak with you about what areas of life need work and offer up solutions on how we might be off assistance so you can finally get some restful sleep! Read on to learn more about self-confidence building with SEA’s Model of Self-Esteem.  or read another blog post by us about self-love.