Ocean Water for Emotional & Physical Health

The beach is a great excuse to get some exercise and fresh air. It feels good to see the ocean. As you stroll along the shore, your head will clear off any stressors that have been weighing it down for so long. Your body will start releasing endorphins in response to this tranquil environment which can help relieve pain or discomfort from ailments like arthritis too!

A trip out onto the water may also be just what you need if life has become routine; when we explore new surroundings our brain releases an increased amount of dopamine – giving us more energy as well as happiness due to novelty-induced excitement! Our bodies are designed with needs and wants alike: sometimes all they want is something different than usual while other times there’s nothing better than taking care of those daily demands first before.

I love the feeling of my feet sinking into the sand as I walk along a beach. The sound that waves make clapping against each other and rocks is soothing, but it’s also exhilarating to have saltwater wash over you when a wave crashes upon your toes. There are plenty of things about vacationing by the sea we enjoy—the people-watching, shells on shoreline cliffsides looking like they’re from prehistoric times, or laying in an oversized hammock up high so our head pokes through tree branches coming out at different angles above us to form this private little nest for two humans who need some time away from life back home!

The idea behind traveling around beaches all across world has always been one of my favorite pastimes.

With every breath of ocean air, you can feel the weight and worries that have been pressing down on your chest begin to lift. The waves crashing against the shore are a song reminding you that life is an ever-changing adventure with its highs and lows; but in order for there to be more highs than lows, it’s important not just to embrace them as they come along – rather we must learn how best express ourselves by dancing through this world with our own unique form of authenticity too.

The serene soundscape generated by these three elements (sunshine + salty water + soft sand) make time spent at or near the coast one which encourages introspection while simultaneously embracing both joys and sorrows alike because after all: like always said.

The ocean is a source of healing and transformation for all people, from ancient times to the present. Hippocrates said that “sea water does not allow itself or anything else to be polluted.” Plato felt drawn by its therapeutic properties as well.

Scientists all over the world are trying to find out more about how water affects our health and wellbeing. Studies have already shown that living near coastlines can lead people to feel better physically because of increased exposure to sunlight, which is known for triggering vitamin D production in humans.

Many people would not expect that they could find a state of meditative happiness while floating in the ocean. But it has been scientifically proven as one of many benefits to this activity, which makes us healthier and calmer than before we immersed ourselves into its cool waters. This is just the beginning for what oceans have to offer!

Our affinity for water is even reflected in near-universal attraction to the color blue. Marketing research has found that people tend to associate it with qualities such as calmness, openness, depth and wisdom; since our bodies are made up of around 70% H2O themselves!

Health Benefits of the Ocean

“The sea cures all ailments.” – Plato

 Boosts Immunity

If you’re looking for a way to boost your immunity, don’t overlook the ocean. A recent study shows that just one hour of swimming in salt water can increase red blood cells levels by up to 20%. If this has any effect on white corpuscles is yet unclear but it certainly won’t hurt! So if you are feeling like life’s been beating down on you lately and have lost hope that things will get better soon – consider taking an afternoon dip at the beach or bayou near your place. It may be beneficial for a range of disorders including but not limited to; weakened immune system, anemia, and high blood sugar levels.

Improves Skin, Inflammation & Infection

Bodily wounds will heal faster in the ocean than they would on land. The salt is naturally antibacterial and helps to soothe any cuts, scrapes, or sores as well as fight infection from bacteria that might be trying to set up shop before your body was able to take care of it. Ocean water can be a great natural medication for bone and muscle pain, arthritis, circulatory issues. Researchers have recently discovered that the salt in ocean water helps reduce inflammation of joints in multiple studies across the world.

Better Sleep & Lowered Anxiety

The ocean can make you sleep better. This is because the most common factors that inhibit sleep- stress, physical energy, pain and anxiety- are all addressed by time in the water. Water is a natural relaxant for humans and animals alike. When we are near it, our stress levels plummet as if they were on vacation too! This can be especially helpful to those who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders since the water offers them peace of mind.

Magnesium Best Dose

The body’s cells all need magnesium to function. You can find it in the ocean or by using a transdermal product and you’ll get better results than with tablets.


New Age Psychiatry understands the emotional and physical benefits of being near or in the ocean. If you’re not able to make it out to a beach, we offer counseling and medication management sessions virtually at our office. Remember you can recreate what it feels like to be on a sandy shoreline with waves crashing all around you through positive thought and meditation. We also specialize in helping people who suffer from anxiety find peace by taking advantage of how soothing water is for their mind and body. Think about booking an appointment today!