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Michael Lo


Michael has worked 5 years as a primary care nurse practitioner, while he was working at primary care clinic, he felt a strong need for mental health care, therefore he went back to the University of Florida to obtain his PMHNP certification. Michael’s patient care philosophy is to provide care to patients, so they can feel good about themselves and become productive in society and beneficial to people around them and their own health. Michael graduated from the University of Central Florida College of Medicine, where he majored in molecular biology and microbiology, and from the University of Florida College of Nursing, where he earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in nursing with a concentration in adult-gerontology primary care and PMHNP.

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Dr. Rebecca Wang-Harris


As part of the Mental Health Team at New Age Psychiatry, I am very pleased to announce 2 new therapeutic packages which I am offering as of October 18, 2021. Each package includes 5 therapy sessions which consist of highly structured self-awareness exercises and proactive behavioral plans. Package #1: The Personality Analysis Workshop consists of two sessions of intensive personality evaluations, two sessions during which the client and I create a “Present Self” portfolio, and a final session during which the client develops one’s “Ideal Self” portfolio. Package #2: The Relationship Improvement Seminar consists of two sessions during which I guide the client through a “Pros and Cons” evaluation, one session during which I assist the client in creating a “Personal Ownership” plan, one session during which I assist the client in creating a “Separation of Past and Present” plan, and a final session during which the client develops one’s “Empowerment” plan. Dr. Wang is our program lead for the Medically Assisted Benzodiazepine Taper Program. She is interested in working with clients who need help coping. Her services are especially useful for those dealing with substance abuse or dependence, sexual orientation issues, PTSD, as well as young adults. She offers a very supportive approach to handling client needs by providing confidential teletherapy sessions. She has dedicated her practice to young adults who want private sessions from home attempting to cope with the understandable challenges of maturing through their 20’s; in terms of academics, career, relationships, and emotions. I am pre-licensed and do not accept insurance. Qualifications Years in Practice: 28 Years School: PhD in Psychology from Florida International University Developmental Psychology Year Graduated: 2012 Supervisor: Daniel Yero, LMHC Supervisor License: Florida / MH13985 Additional Credentials Certificate: University of Miami, M.S. Ed. in Mental Health / M.S.Ed. Certificate Date: 1993 Certificate: Tufts University, B.A. in Social Psychology / B.A. Certificate Date: 1989 Types of Therapy Coaching Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) Dialectical (DBT) Eclectic Emotionally Focused Humanistic Mindfulness-Based (MBCT) Positive Psychology Psychodynamic Rational Emotive Behavior (REBT) Reality Therapy Strength-Based Trauma-Focused Modality Individuals Family

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Jennifer Ruiz

Holistic Life Coaching

Born and raised in Miami, Fl • Adopted into a Cuban/Costa Rican home at the age of 2
• Spent most of my years suffering from depression, getting involved in toxic relationships, struggled with drugs and alcohol, worked meaningless jobs, and, never felt enough
• I had my spiritual awakening at 35 and it changed the course of my life forever
• I decided to quit my job of 8 years, sold most of my belongings, and set out to travel. It allowed me to face my fears, discover my strengths, and connect with myself and nature in a way I’ve never done before. I developed my confidence, let go of false beliefs, and embraced my solitude.
• My purpose in life is to share my gift with others to help us THRIVE in this life

Services Offered:

I will be providing a co-creative environment for my clients so that we can develop a life plan structured around their main focused points (Inner confidence, relationships, work, purpose, family, finances, personal goals, etc.). A generous amount of one on one talk time at each session will be given. I will incorporate daily practices to develop discipline and structure. Time in nature will be a daily requirement. Herbal remedies and natural medicine will be recommended based on my evaluation. Chinese Medicine and energy work will be recommended for deep inner healing. Integrating journaling, literature, books, and affirmations will be part of our daily routines. Certain yogic practices, exercises, and stretches will be suggested depending on my learners needs.

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Raizy Dinglasan

Office Assistant

Raizy obtained her RN degree in the Philippines and has over three years experience in customer service. She describes herself as an individual which has ability to demonstrate great team work with the compassion to deliver quality patient care. Her greatest attributes include being goal oriented, always being open to new challenges, and continuously strives for superior results. She has entered into the electrifying world of virtual healthcare eager to assist in any way she can.

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Dr Shlomo Pascal

Medical Director

Dr. Shlomo Pascal, MD is a Psychiatry Specialist in Weston, FL and has over 38 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Pascal has more experience with Psychotic Disorders, Addiction & Substance Abuse, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Bucharest University medical school in 1983. He is affiliated with Palmetto General Hospital.

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Hilary Ortega

PMHNP-BC and Founder

Hilary Ortega is a psychiatric professional who has been providing healthcare services of exceptional quality for over twelve years. She obtained her post-masters psychiatric nurse practitioner degree from Regis College. Hilary is the owner and operator of New Age Psychiatry, and is dedicated to providing comprehensive psychiatric care within convenient system structures. She specializes in psychiatric medication management for ADHD, depression, and anxiety-related issues. Her ultimate goal is to offer the highest quality of care while making her clients feel heard and respected. Ortega consistently goes above and beyond for her patients and is sure to respond to their inquiries promptly. From inpatient to outpatient and even telehealth services, Hilary Ortega has worked in every sector of psychiatric healthcare and can provide consistent support for those looking for relief. Not only does she listen carefully to all of her clients' needs, but she also strives to deliver high quality care without sacrificing costumer service.

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