Living As Your Ideal Self – By Rebecca Wang-Harris PhD

   Your ideal self can be understood as a more authentic and satisfying version of YOU, which is developed from what you have learned during your life experiences but which is often overcome by the demands of others and by painful events.  Your ideal self consists of a vision of your desired future, a sense of hope, and a comprehensive inventory of your past and present strengths, skills, and other enduring traits.  Your ideal self is within you and, when you channel it, you will exude self-confidence, courage, and an unwavering purpose in life, no matter what circumstances you have experienced, are currently experiencing, and will experience. 

     Every human being is capable of living as one’s ideal self, but this path requires mental effort, honesty, and humility.  By staying committed to living as your ideal self, you are making productive use of your energy and are continually doing the best you can at any given moment.  Your own mistakes and flaws are the valuable foundations for building and sustaining your ideal self.  

     When you let go of the struggle to control others or to expect them to change, you will find that you can pursue the path to your ideal self, which is the core to your existence and which is completely immune to others’ actions and to any painful or stressful life event.  You can learn to have compassion for those who have mistreated or hurt you.  Only then can you begin to live as your ideal self, one who is free and content even in the middle of chaotic circumstances.  

     When you are living as your ideal self, you can stay focused on your spiritual journey and will automatically spend less energy on being angry, judgmental, or frustrated, just to name a few toxic emotions which are certain to debilitate you in your daily life tasks, your relationships, your work performance, and even your physical health.  You can achieve mastery of your ideal self by reprogramming your own mind, in your own unique way.  

          Ideal Self: You Are What You Believe

     Your thoughts have the power to create joy and hope or to create sadness and fear.  When you can learn to observe each and every life experience, positive and negative, you will find that you become the wise observer and not the fearful reactor.  Your ideal self observes and seeks clarity from such emotions as disappointment, fear, anger, and irritation.  Your ideal self knows that the spiritual journey often requires stepping into the unknown while continuing to move forward and to embrace all emotions and thoughts which arise.  By not trying to avoid or hide from your insecurities and fears, you begin to gain a sense of freedom from past traumas and other negative life experiences.  

     You, in each small moment, have the opportunity and the power to learn and to grow.  Your self-talk and your perceptions create your reality.  You can choose, no matter how much pain and turmoil you may have experienced or are currently experiencing, to live in joy and appreciation of what you DO have, such as your free will, intelligence, personality strengths, health, and supportive people in your life.  You can also, through negative and past-oriented thoughts, create a reality of anger, guilt, resentment, disappointment, insecurity, and anxiety.  If you live without the fear of experiencing hardship and disturbing emotions and if you choose to live as an observer of all circumstances as part of your life’s path, then there will be little space for toxic thoughts and emotions.  When you learn how to focus on your spiritual path and to not take others’ actions as your fault, you can learn to love and prioritize yourself and to never internalize the poison of others’ actions.  

     Any event which arises is an opportunity for growth.  When you accept that the best you can do within a painful tide of emotions is to just keep your head above the water, you will be able to tap into your ideal self, who is a spiritual warrior and not a helpless victim.  Whatever arises can be handled with the tools you already possess.  Accept fear, confusion, disappointment, and sadness as part of the bigger picture of your life.  Each moment is all that any human being can control.  When you allow intrusive, ruminating thoughts about past-oriented or future-oriented events, you are literally and severely depriving yourself of your present life.  Difficult times are a test and growth process.  Embrace all emotions.  Deep wisdom comes in segments

Do You Need Help with Finding Your Ideal     Self?

     You may be skeptical and wondering, “How does this amazing transformation happen?”  The quick answer is, “It doesn’t happen.  You create it, or you can choose not to create it.”  If and when you choose to pursue this transformation, there are SO many valuable social media resources, websites, and teletherapy services to be utilized at any given moment from the privacy of one’s home. 

     As part of the Mental Health Team at New Age Psychiatry, I am very pleased to announce 2 new therapeutic packages which I am offering as of October 18, 2021.  Each package includes 5 therapy sessions which consist of highly structured self-awareness exercises and proactive behavioral plans.     

     Package #1:  The Personality Analysis Workshop consists of two sessions of intensive personality evaluations, two sessions during which the client and I create a “Present Self” portfolio, and a final session during which the client develops one’s “Ideal Self” portfolio.  

     Package #2:  The Relationship Improvement Seminar consists of two sessions during which I guide the client through a “Pros and Cons” evaluation, one session during which I assist the client in creating a “Personal Ownership” plan, one session during which I assist the client in creating a “Separation of Past and Present” plan, and a final session during which the client develops one’s “Empowerment” plan.

     Any human being can choose to create meaning in every second of life.  When you create and adhere to strategies for confronting both past and present fears, you will feel amazing freedom from the pain caused by external circumstances, because you will know that your internal resources are all that you truly have in life and will never let you down.  When you learn how to embrace all experiences as part of YOUR big picture in life, then you can begin to develop strength and wisdom from trauma, abuse, loss, and disappointment.  

     If this information appeals to your needs, please feel free to schedule your initial appointment with me through the patient portal on the New Age Psychiatry website with the information below.

                                                     Written by: Rebecca Wang-Harris PhD

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