Holistic Life Coaching

There are many misconceptions around the idea of “holistic coaching.” Some may interpret it as something alternative and not for them. However, holistic health involves taking in a person’s whole, factoring in motivation, development, and performance.

What Is Holistic Health?

Holistic health is a field of study where a practitioner or guide factors in every part of a human being. Such a process factors the individual’s mind, body, and emotional state and considers them to treat the whole because the connections between these different aspects can affect daily life. Health is complicated and beyond the physical. That is why there is mental health, and beyond that, life choices can impact health. That is why holistic health is something to take into account.

Holistic health practitioners, or life coaches, practice with the idea that adjusting parts of one’s life can significantly alter other elements of one’s life.

What Is The History of Holistic Health?

Holistic health therapy and coaching have been with human beings for thousands of years but not always thought of as coaching, which is the more recent interpretation of these ancient practices and ideas.

Ancient Chinese philosophy and medicine is one example of this holistic thinking. The ancient Greek philosophers such as Pythagoras, Aristotle, and Hippocrates practiced holistic thinking as well. Nearly any culture has holistic thinking in its cultural development. Naturally, this thinking was how these cultures could best explain the natural work before scientific developments. Still, many of these ideas were also common sense concepts that had positive effects and can be seen today.

The key is that these cultures recognized that the human experience was composed of multiple parts. How those parts were defined as these cultures developed makes for some fascinating reading, but what is most important was recognizing a physical characteristic of the body and something internal. Modern holistic thought looks at this as the body and mind dynamic, and some practices may include spiritual health.

How Does Holistic Thinking Work?

Let’s use an example of how a person may apply holistic thinking in a day-to-day situation. If we look at a human as a system of multiple internal and external parts, we then look at how these elements interact with each other.

Say, for example, you have had a bad day at work. What contributed to that bad day? Perhaps you woke up late and weren’t able to exercise or eat breakfast. Maybe you had a conflict with another employee on a project. Perhaps you finish a significant project only to be hit with another batch of paperwork. Maybe you don’t feel stimulated by your job. What if you spend hours at a time indoors under harsh office lighting?

As you can see, while you might have a bad day, numerous factors add up to that bad day and multiple ways of alleviating those issues. Looking at life choices can radically reshape a person’s day-to-day experiences. Holistic thinking is driven by examining these internal and external aspects and identifying what can be changed to improve life experience.

How Holistic Life Coaching Can Help

Holistic life coaches can help in several ways that may surprise you. For example, a holistic life coach can look at your dietary habits. Dietary choices have a significant impact on health both physically and mentally. In such cases, a holistic life coach might have you work on a diet that may add or reduce certain foods to improve your mood and health.

Holistic life coaches can also help you forge new habits that can directly impact your life and well-being. For example, they may encourage you to practice deep breathing to manage stress and anxiety. Another way is by helping you manage your self-talk. Self-talk is a part of mental well-being that is often overlooked.

We have written about self-talk before, so we advise checking our blog post about it, but here is a brief primer on why self-talk is so critical. Self-talk is those thoughts that you may say to yourself every day. They can be positive and negative, though these days, self-talk may be more harmful to everyone. Self-talk can influence how you feel about yourself, and how you feel about yourself may affect other aspects of your day without realizing it.

For example, overly negative self-talk may strip you of your confidence and factor into your performance at a new task. This creates a feedback loop when you do not succeed in the task or make errors, perpetuating that negative self-talk you already experienced. Conversely, positive self-talk can make you more confident and give you a boost in meeting your goals. Having positive self-talk is important, and a holistic life coach will help you change your habits. Again, this is an example of the interconnectedness of the whole person. It illustrates that people are both internal and external systems.

How A Holistic Coach Helps

An excellent holistic life coach, such as those available through New Age Psychiatry, can help you transform your life and work with you on your aspirations and motivations. A holistic life coach will look at the various factors of your life you may not even recognize as impacting your day-to-day life and advise you on how to change your circumstances.

For example, here are nine ways a holistic life coach can help you make proactive changes in your life.

  1. A holistic life coach can help you to develop goals that can range in type for personal to professional. A holistic life coach can help you chart a path to success.
  2. Stimulating the mind and body can be empowering and is one service a holistic life coach can provide.
  3. Aligning values and beliefs and applying them to your day-to-day experience is another strategy that a person can develop with a holistic life coach.
  4. A holistic life coach can aid you in creating more positive and empowering self-talk.
  5. Coaching can help increase your confidence in motivation and taking action, as confidence can affect how you and your efforts are received.
  6. Holistic teaching can help you forge your path and make your own choices instead of following the crowd.
  7. A holistic life coach will challenge you to be greater. Continual self-improvement will be something you and your holistic life coach strive for together.
  8. Holistic life coaches will help you identify and remove negative aspects of your life. Removing these obstacles will allow you to concentrate on your emotional and physical health.
  9. By addressing inner obstacles and finding those mental barriers that keep you from achieving, you and your coach will help you reach your full potential.

These are only a few ways a holistic life coach can help you shape your experience to be a more positive and proactive one.

Our Holistic Life Coach Program

New Age Psychiatry has a new holistic life coaching program that can help you increase your quality of life. We offer holistic life coaching sessions as part of our effort to provide quality care. If you have been struggling with any part of your life, including work, relationship, or health, over the past few months and wish to change your circumstances, we can help. We aim to help you make changes without pushing medication on you. We will provide the encouragement and guidance that you need to move forward.

Our program includes specialized psychiatric medication management and counseling (if medication is part of the treatment) and low rates compared to traditional outpatient centers. As a telehealth practice, our visits are entirely virtual and designed to be as comfortable as possible.

Most requests are also handled the same or next business day, so no waiting around, either. We are also available with secure messaging and texting available with staff to attend to your needs as they come up.

Want to know more about our holistic life coaching program? Please contact us for further information.