May 2021 - New Age Psychiatry

May 2021

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What is telemedicine psychiatry?

Telemedicine across the state of Florida and America has exploded due to the general concern for face-to-face consults. This past year, technology has been essential

stress symptoms
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Are stress symptoms making me sick?

We all know what stress is, sometimes it can be a good motivating force, such as an impending deadline helps to ensure that an employee

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Am I having depression symptoms?

Depression symptoms are evaluated based on pattern. It is normal to have some depression symptoms when significant adverse events happen, such as loss of loved

SSRI SNRI medication
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What are SSRI and SNRI medications?

SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are the first line treatment for depression for their low toxicity, ease of dosing, and low incidence of adverse